Space-Time, the 4th Dimension. All we see is illusion.

If this picture below is true nothing we see is true and the past is very difficult to reconstructure. We know that the planets are moving in different pace apart.  We assume that the space is expanding. We don’t know if there was a time the space contracted. The amplitude of the waves could be different and we don’t know if there were interferences with ohter systems in the past. Anything we see could be millions of years in the past. To make it clear: Such a wave could move planets distances we never reach with a spacecraft. And we only see things that happens wide in the past. All we see is an illusion.





Saudi Arabien PIF sells bio of assetts

The Saudi Arabien Public Investment Fond ( PIF ) sells assetts worth 5,5bio$ and invests in ETF’s. In march the fund invest in different assetts like BP, Total, Eni, Boeing, Carnival and Bank of America. Now he invests 4,7bio$ in ETF’s mainly in real estate, power supply,  commodities, raw and building materials. 1,9bio$ went in an big US ETF with utilitycompanies. PIF is the biggest investor there. The PIF has investments worth 10bio$ in US ETF’s. It is worth 360bio$, the 8th biggest fund in the list of Souvereign Wealth Fund Institute.

Not only the arabian countries are investing in ETF’s, End of July 2020 the sum invested in ETF’s reached a record of 6,7 trio$ after 79bio$ were invested in July only, so ETFGI, a London based company, which observed the sector.

The PIF also invests in indian JIO Platforms and in european companies and ETF’s.

But is the assett market so insecure and unpredictable that investments in assetts are high risk investment?

Anti-Corona Protests in Berlin, Germany

In Berlin thausends of Protesters congregate to agitate against the corona measures legislated by the German government. There were no maks and the  rules for minimum distance between the people were ignored. They ignored the danger of the virus, some say Corona is something like a flu. The shields demand free life for free citizens.

At the end of the protest march the people gathered to a manifestation. The police assessed the situation and found that too many people without masks standing beside touching each other so that the rules of the government force them to stop the manifestation. The event was stopped without violence. After the rally members of the SPD party say that the event has to be stopped earlier, members of the AfD party see no reason to stop the event, because it was a peacefull event without breaking rules.

Markus Söder, CDU, say that there were different political trends on the rally, from extreme left wing to extreme right wing organisation beside each other. He demand the people to keep the  distance to the political enemy. Why that? Could this situation attract political danger?

It is astonishing how ignorant people could be in the view of the death toll of ignorant states like Italy, Brasil and USA. In the last days USA changed the course and reckognized the danger of the virus.

If I would be egoistic and selfish I would say that the virus most notably kill old people. If those party people ignore the danger they could die, disburden the retirement and pension funds, so that my retirement will be firmed if the pandemy has a new superspread with a hihg death toll.

Source: 08.02.20

Source:  08.03.20

Self-Driving Agriculture Systems Dependent On Space-Military?

Russia plans for 2024 to start a fleet of self driving taxis, according to Deputy Transport Minister Aleksey Semyonov.

Last year, the russian AI development company Cognitive Technologies installed its self-driving systems into combine harvesters. The pilot proved successful, and the technology will now be rolled out to 242 combines over the next years. The joint venture between Cognitive, Sherbank and Rusagro will see harvesters being fitted out with the technology during the 2020-2021 harvesting seasons in Belgorod, Tambov, Kursk, Orel, and Primorsky Krai, with the first installation coming next month.

The phase 3 testing of the autonomous driving system utilizes a live feed from a single video camera, which is analyzed using a convolutional neural network to allow the combine to maneuver itself in plowed/unplowed and mowed/unmowed fields. The Cognitive Agro Pilot setup is reported capable of operating in all weather and lighting conditions, doesn’t need GPS and includes object detection capabilities. If the vehicle leaves the preassigned route for any reason, the system will warn the mandatory human operator in the cabin so that manual corrections can be made.

USA has also it‘s self driving devices in agriculture, like combines and tractors. This is a very good place to test the functionality of the system. US Präsident Donald Trump started a military space programm in the beginning of his presidency. If you install a self driving vehicle system, steered from satellites out of the orbit you need a defence system to defend your steering system of your vehicles like cars, ships and aeroplanes or you will be very vulnerable.

What does Europe or Germany?

Germany builds and developes agricultural machines steered with GPS and cameras like the harvesters from Claas KGaA. What Europe is not able to do is to build a system to defend it‘s satellites. They bank on the NATO and the USA. USA has it‘s highest debt ever and announced in the past for several times to leave the NATO if Europe doesn‘t fullfill its promise to spend 2% of it‘s GDP in military. If the USA leave the NATO as it left the WHO in the last days, there will be no defense sytem for Europe‘s satellites.

Europe must build up it‘s own military industry and military systems. This means the Europe must allow the military industry to make business. Only if the military industry will be allowed to make international business it will have the money to develop future oriented weapons. Only an united Europe has the capacty to finance this efforts . If Europe will not unite stability will not be guaranteed.

4 policemen disarmed by one criminal!

This morning German radio station reports that one 31 year old man disarmed four policemen in the city of Oppenau/Black Forest in Germany. The police got a message on Sunday 12th of July 2020 that there is a suspect person in front of a hut in a garden. At first the man was cooperativ to the policemen, then suddenly he outdraw a pistol and instructed the four policemen to give him their arms. To impede an escalation the four policemen gave him their arms. The criminal was well known by the police also for breaking firearms law.

Now the police wrote a warrant and orders the population to stay at home and to pay attention to their security. There is no hint where the criminal hides. The burglar now has 5 pistols.

There was a story several years ago in that makes me smile. Herald Tribune wrote a story that some beduine on camels stopped a convoy of 4 egypt police Jeeps and instructed the policemen to give them their arms. The Egypt policemen reported that the caravan appears suddenly and after the incident they disappeared as fast as the wind.

Perhaps the policemen need an extended version of their training including mortal fighting and mental training/meditation especially how to to go up to criminals. It makes me perplex that one well known burglar could disarm 4 policemen in a state like Germany.

Corona death ratio shows that western states are behind Asia

On the list of the John Hopkins University the eleven states of the states with the highest corona death ratio ( death per population ) are Europe and the USA, followed by 5 South American states, including Brazil and Mexico. The states with the lowest corona death ratio is splitted into Asian and African states.

USA is on rank 9 with 39.72 people per 100.000 capita, China is on rank 131 with 0,33 deaths per 100.000 capita, India on rank 87 with 1,46 deaths per 100.000 capita. Taiwan has a death ratio of 0,03 peaple per 100.000 of it‘s citizens.

Both China and Taiwan closed the borders and shut down it‘s businesses consistently with full respect to their citizens and without respecting the businesses. Health care was the highest interest. So the death rate is very low and the economy would go on if there weren‘t the risks of other countries which doesn‘t sniff at the real corona risk.

There must be a reason why the asian states have a very much lower death rate than the western. Perhaps it is the same reason, why China could become on rank 2 in world bank raking within 25 years, after it has been very undeveloped and economically on Carey Street for several decades.

What’s concerning the African States is that the population is very young so there is a very lower death ratio than in the European states and USA. But this means that corona relieves the pension funds of the western states in a status where the baby boomer generation reach retirement.

The table where you will find the data I used

is valued on 07th of July 2020.

Last studies emerge that Corona infected persons will not be impervious to new corona infects, most notably if the infects has no remarkable symptoms. If this is true the vaccination will have no or less impact. And no one will be sure that he/she/it will not be infected again. And remeber Corona could be a deadly infection.

Brooks – Floyd and the incompetent police

After the death of George Floyd another black man Rayshard Brooks, 27 was killed by the police of Atlanta. He left his family with 4 childrens between 1 and 13 years old. As reaction protesters burn the Wendy‘s restaurant and the police chief of Atlanta steps down.

If the case of George Floyd is suspect the video of the Atlanta homicide shows pure incompetence.

There are two police officers not able to arrest one drunken person. They fight. The drunken person is able to take a teaser from one of the policemen and run away. The policemen follow him. Then the drunken person turn around with the teaser in his hand and the policeman shot him down. The distance was no five meters. He doesn‘t shot him in his leg, no he killed him. Was there a racist motivation? I don‘t mind. He just was afraid to be wounded by his own teaser in the hand of that drunken Rayshard Brooks.

A well trained criminal would have smothered him with a slap on his cheek. After all that, there is one question. How good is the US police trained. They have a 19 week long training for the job. This is less than a half year. In this time they should learn to react the right way if a person does unpredicted and surprising things. Perhaps  the US administration should think about a national admission for the police and a permanent training including combat sport and mental training. This would create the possibility of an appropriate reaction and could stop this manslaughter. Also racism could be identified. The black sheeps could be identified and removed.

And a chief has to manage this situations, not to step down when the situation escalates and needs leadership.

India lure China industrial investments

The Global Times announced that the Serum Institute of India would jointly develop a Covid-19 vaccine, with the University of Oxford. The Global times concluded: “India is known for its scientific research in medicine development. High production and low prices in its vaccine production capacity are two advantages that make the South Asian nation a good partner in vaccine research and development”.

Even there are border clashes between Indian and Chinese troops in the Ladakh and Sikkim region, China is India‘s biggest trading partner.

The bilateral trade between India and China amounted a total of $95,5 bio and an increasingly unsustainable trade deficit for India of $57.86 billion in 2018. Industrial and infrastructure investment bougth India from China, India delivers commodities and raw materials, but also machines, electrical equipment and plastics to China.

China also invests in Indian energy and transportation sector. Chinese companies have pledged investments of $3 billion in wind and solar energy development, in India. But it is the telecom sector that has seen the largest Chinese presence in India, where the four Chinese companies Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo and OnePlus dominate the Indian market. They control 51% of India’s $8 billion plus smartphone market.

The Chinese do not transfering knowledge, knowhow, technology, spares, or even maintenance instructions, for their projects. So the trading partners are living in dependence to the chinese companies. All this indicates that Chinese multinational companies will become a major threat to Indian companies in a few years.

Anyhow the German sold Kuka to the chinese Midea Group.

But now India is on the way to lure companies away from China. Bloomberg reports that a 461,589-hectare land pool will be designated for manufacturers. Already, manufacturers from the U.S., China, Japan and South Korea have reportedly expressed interest in investment. India especially favoured investments in the garment sector. This will support the Chinese development from a production hub of cheap products to a high quality producer and a service hub.

“We have the advantage of coastline and ready-made industrial parks with necessary clearance. We are focusing on certain sectors like IT and related manufacturing, food processing, and chemicals and have been holding video conferences with investors,” Rajat Bhargava, special chief secretary of the state’s revenue department, told Bloomberg.

The chance of success is very good as manufacturers from the U.S., China, Japan and South Korea have reportedly expressed interest in investment, so a bloomberg report.

For the western countries the project is from strategic interest to get control into the asian continent. India is a neighbor state of China. Both states unite with 1,4bio people each nearly 40% of the worlds population and more than 50% o fglobal demand. There are many chinese and indians abroad. All those will back the products of their country of origin. If both states will work together the western nations will loose their influence and position in the world. And both states have a lot to do. Even china is ranked at second position in world bank ranking the position in human development index (HDI) is at rank 85. that means that there is a high demand to increase life expectancy, education and income. And this means there is a big domestic market. If they will get the resources they need they will have a lot of work to meet the demand of their own people. And this means that the companies will survive, even if USA or Europe will sanction chinese products.

This development will endanger Europe much more than the Americans, as Europe will fall back to third rank in the continental ranking of world bank and could also its leading position in the human development index (HDI).

Corona, Job Losses And Economy

Fincial Times wrote in November of 2012 that the biggest Swuiss bank, UBS, plans to lay off 10,000 jobs, 1/6 of it‘s global work force.

The renowned German economy newspaper „Handelsblatt“ wrote on 8th of September 2019 that there were 30,000 job cuts in investment banking sector globally straight to recession risk, regulation and digitising.

Bloomberg reports that UBS has implemented a new regulation that hiring of one backoffice employee will be only possible in exchange for 5 employees who left the company, so Handelsblatt wrote.

The VW daughter Audi plans 10,000 job cuts to reduce costs and to begin to restructure the company to produce more electro-cars.

VW plans 5,000 to 7,000 job cuts to increase the profit to 5.9bio € pa by 2023 and automatization ratio.

The renowned german newspaper BILD reported an 09th of October 2020 that BMW plans to shrink the production and salary significantly. All every 74 seconds one new BMW car will be produced instead of 69 seconds before. On 13th of February 2020 Merkur reported that 17 weeks the production will be delayed because of corona virus.

Lufthansa chief Carsten Spohr said on rp-online that on 24th of April 2020 he will cut the work force by 10.000 employees. Lufthansa has to fight with strike waves in the recent 2 years as it‘s work force demand signifcantly more salary. Millions of passengers have ot switch their flights to other airlines which shrink the profit of Lufthansa signifcantly. The German government bought 20% of Lufthansa assetts to give Lufthansa the necessary liquidity and defend the company from merging and aquisition. German government also have bought an option for 5% and 1 assett more to receive the veto right if an aquisition threatens.

Procter and Gamble has announced in August of 2018 that with a globally workforce decreasing from 121,000 people in 2013 to 92.000 people in 2018, the number of jobs at the company is at an all-time low.

The German chemistry conglomerate Bayer will cut 1 in 7 of its 32,000 jobs in Germany. The company is undergoing a massive restructuring as it faces legal and financial tests. ( Source, 9th of April 2019 ).

The German car parts giant Continental prefigure the loss of 5,500 jobs by 2028 to save 500mio€ annually.

On May 17 2019When the Austrian billionaire and investor René Benko is taking complete control over the major German department store chain Galeria Karstadt Kaufhof, the union Verdi and the company works councils signed an agreement and redundancy plan to slash 2,000 full-time jobs—1,000 management and administrative staff (mainly in the old Kaufhof headquarters in Cologne) and another 1,000 full-time jobs in shops. The decision will result in more branch closures and cuts to jobs and wages.

Marketwatch announced on Feb. 26, 2019 that General Electric Co. disclosed that it shed 30,000 workers last year as the conglomerate restructured its operations and sold off some business lines.

On 1 of February, 2019 CNBC announced that General Motors offered buyots to 17,700 employees in November 2019 while expecting to 4,000 invountary job cuts.

In a report on first of October 2019 announced that 2600 employees at the Opel factory in Germany’s Rüsselsheim will be working reduced hours for six months. The company is struggling long time as it‘s car sales has been very low. The french car conglomerate PSA has aquired and restructures the company. Opel makes now profit again. The corona crisis could bring it to losses again so there will be some government compensation for affected workers, including partial, untaxed pay from unemployment insurance.

The global economy has a period of 10 years of booming economy behind with indexes rising to all time highs. A correcting scenario was overdue. All those measures affecting the labour market are not caused by Corona virus but caused by market correction. And more, the new technologies will further affect the market. In USA the agriculture industry use self working agriculture devices like combine harvesters, tractors and so on. In Europe those devices are not in use. The robotic technologies will develop to serial production. Will this technology be in common use the workforce will shrink again, also with or without a corona pandemic szenario.

If we learn to think not in those old doctrines like capitalism, communism, mercantilism but in the fortunes which every of these old systems have, we could have the posibility to learn a new system within a content life will be possible. The free market is an illusion. We have to much regulation in each sector. Communism is also deprecated in the times of lean production and just-in-time delivery. And capitalism pushes the envelope. Civilisations which are not able to assimilate with the requirements will be melted and supplanted by an other, perhaps the West by the Asian, the USA by the Chinese.